Chairman of Commitee

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association (IOA), it is my pleasure to invite you to the 45th Annual Scientific Meeting of the IOA that will be held in Yogyakarta on September 24th -26th 2020.
The theme of the year is "Global Alliance For Innovative Eye Care: A Better Vision" has Containing the intention to cooperate between nations to inovate and create something new in the opthalmology field for a better future in the world without borders.  
For increasing the attention to eye health related to improving ophthalmologists to gain the knowledge, skills and best management of patients.
IOA has the passion and ideals for a forum to advance the knowledge of ophthalmologists and provide great benefits to the community.

Jogjakarta is the city of education and culture has prepared scientific session with internationals and national speakers, spreads the spirit of education, the research still considering aspects of community services and also maintaining aspects that support with an attractive culture. We hope the 45th Annual Scientific Meeting of the IOA can be carried out well providing comparable benefits to the community.

Best regards,

Chairman of the Committee

Dr. Purjanto Tepo Utomo, Sp.M (K)